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TheSketchUpEssentials 是你管上一个非常火热的频道,该频道致力于分享 SketchUp 的使用经验和教程,来帮助人们参与3D建模的乐趣!由于每周都有更新内容所以到现在已经有超过1万5千的粉丝群体。
创建人 Justin Geis,原先在一家建筑承包公司工作,过去曾使用其他3D建模程序,但是自从使用了 SketchUp 之后,立即转到了这个软件上来,因为他感到 SketchUp 上的一切更加有趣。

本文章用于索引 TheSketchUpEssentials 的全部教学视频,所有原始视频均可在紫天的知识星球里下载,也可自行上你管看。由于内容庞大,我现在不可能把它们全部制作中文字幕,各位对哪个视频最感兴趣请在文章评论里回复,我会安排提前翻译。同时,我在这里召集有精力有分享和奉献精神的字幕制作人员来一起进行字幕创作,凡报名加入者均给予紫天知识星球会员资格,报名QQ:1462232


180430_CREATE A FOREST IN SKETCHUP with JHS Powerbar Drop and Random Rotate:使用 JHS Powerbar 中的落置和随机旋转制作树林
180427_FRONT AND BACK SIDES OF FACES in SketchUp and Why They Matter:SketchUp 中的面为什么要有正反面
180426_URBAN DESIGN IN SKETCHUP with Modelur:利用 Modelur 插件在 SketchUp 中进行规划设计
180425_8 Tips for MORE REALISTIC MATERIALS in SketchUp:在 SketchUp 中让材质更真实的8个技巧
180424_GETTING STARTED WITH VRAY MATERIALS – Vray Rendering for SketchUp Tutorial:VFS 材质基础教学
180423_PLACE COMPONENTS ON FACES WITH JHS Powerbar – Components at CPoints!:使用 JHS Powerbar 中的参考点转组件
180420_SPEED UP YOUR MODELS IN SKETCHUP with Enscape Proxies-紫天中文解说:使用 Enscape 代理物体功能加速模型
180419_ERODE OBJECTS IN SKETCHUP with Eneroth Fractal Terrain Eroder!-紫天中文解说:深化地表插件用法
180418_COMPLEX RAILINGS IN SKETCHUP with Copy Along Path and JHS Powerbar!:使用沿路径复制和 JHS Powerbar 插件制作连续栏杆
180417_VRAY INTERIOR LIGHTING TUTORIAL – Rendering with Daylight in SketchUp!:VFS室内日景布光教学
180416_USING SLICER AND SOLID TOOLS IN SKETCHUP for Parametric Shapes – Rippling Wall:使用 Slicer 和实体工具制作参数化涟漪墙
180413_EXTERIOR LIGHTING IN VRAY for SketchUp 3.6 with HDRI, Dome Lights, and Sunlight:VFS室外布光教学
180412_EARTHWORK QUANTITIES IN SKETCHUP with The CutNFill Plugin-紫天中文解说:使用 CutNFill 计算土方工程量
180411_SPEED UP YOUR SKETCHUP MODEL with Proxy Components!-紫天中文解说:使用SU自身的代理组件功能提升建模速度
180410_PREVIEW LIGHTING IN VRAY with Material Override – Vray for SketchUp:使用 Material Override 进行VFS照明效果预览
180409_MODELING COMPLEX SKINS IN SKETCHUP with Soap Skin and Bubble-紫天中文解说:起泡泡插件教学
180406_CREATING A TEXTURED DOME in SketchUp with Drape, Thru Paint, and Joint Push Pull:使用 Drape、Thru Paint 和 Joint Push Pull 制作贴图圆顶
180405_EASY KITCHEN DESIGN IN SKETCHUP with SketchThis Kitchen Design!:使用 SketchThis Kitchen Design 来帮助室内厨房设计
180404_Creating an EXPLODED VIEW ANIMATION in SketchUp using Animator-紫天中文解说:SketchUp 爆炸视图动画教学
180403_Getting Started with Vray 3 6 For SketchUp – START HERE IF YOU’RE A BEGINNER:VFS新手上手教学
180402_Using Clothworks to Simulate Fabric in SketchUp – STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL_紫天中文解说:一步步学习SketchUp布料模拟系统

180330_ADDING LIGHTING TO YOUR REALTIME RENDERING with Enscape for SketchUp:在Enscape中添加人工灯光
180329_REAL CLOTH SIMULATION IN SKETCHUP with Clothworks!紫天中文解说:使用 ClothWorks 制作真实布料模拟
180328_6 NEW WAYS to Speed Up Your SketchUp Models!紫天中文解说:6个加快 SketchUp 建模速度的方法
180326_4 Ways to CREATE DETAILS in Layout (SketchUp to Layout Tutorial):用来在 LayOut 中创建施工详图的4种方法
180323_UPGRADED REAL TIME RENDERING for SketchUp Enscape 2.2 New Feature Overview:Enscape 2.2 新增功能
180322_ADVANCED MATERIALS AND UV MAPPING in SketchUp with ThruPaint!!!:使用 ThruPaint 插件更好地控制材质UV贴图
180321_7 Ways to CREATE STAIRS IN SKETCHUP!:在 SketchUp 中创建楼梯的7种方法
180320_Creating a CUSTOM BLUEPRINT STYLE in SketchUp!:如何在 SketchUp 中创建一个蓝图图纸风格
180319_CREATING A CUSTOM SKETCHUP TEMPLATE from your Photos with Face Me Components:用你自己的照片创建一个FaceMe组件并保存为SketchUp文件模板
180316_CREATING A TITLE BLOCK for your Plans in Layout:如何使用 LayOut 创建图框
180315_3D MODELS FROM IMAGES in SketchUp with Bitmap to Mesh:利用 Bimtmap to Mesh 插件将图像转为三维模型
180314_SPHERE, TORUS, DOME, and OTHER SHAPES – Modeling 10 Kinds of Primitive Shapes in SketchUp:10种主要三维形体建模-球体、圆环、半球及其它
180312_EDIT SOLID MODELS with Solid Tools for SketchUp:使用 Solid Tools 插件编辑实体
180308_EDITING AND SIMPLIFYING CURVES in SketchUp with Curvizard:使用 Curvizard 编辑及优化曲线
180307_EASY OPENINGS IN THICKENED WALLS in SketchUp with Double Cut:使用双面开洞插件更方便地在墙面开洞
180306_Modeling CUSTOM WOOD BASE AND CROWN MOLDING in SketchUp:室内吊顶及踢脚线做法
180305_5 Ways to CUT HOLES AND CREATE OPENINGS in your SketchUp Models:5 种墙面开洞方法
180301_SOLID MODELING IN SKETCHUP with Solid Inspector:利用 Solid Inspector 插件在 SketchUp 中进行实体建模

180227_8 SECRET FUNCTIONS of the SketchUp Joint Push Pull Extension 紫天中文解说:联合推拉的8个隐藏功能
180221_TEN MISTAKES BEGINNERS MAKE IN SKETCHUP and How to Avoid Them 紫天中文解说:SketchUp 初学者最容易犯的10条错误
180220_PENCIL SKETCH STYLE RENDERINGS in Photoshop from Your SketchUp Models:用 PhotoShop 制作铅笔画效果
180219_Modeling a RETAINING WALL IN TERRAIN in SketchUp:如何在地形上创建围墙
180216_6 Great FOLLOW ME TOOL TIPS for SketchUp:在 SketchUp 中使用路径跟随的6个技巧
180215_SketchUp AS A PHYSICS SIMULATOR MSPhysics for SketchUp:MSPhysics 让 SketchUp 作为一个物理模拟器
180213_COMBINING SKETCHUP STYLES in Photoshop – Photoshop Stylized Rendering Tutorial:在PS中合并 SketchUp 的风格效果
180212_Using Fog to Create EMPHASIS in your Layout Documents (SketchUp to Layout Tutorial):利用雾效在LayOut 中创建强调效果
180209_3D WAREHOUSE SEARCH IMPROVEMENTS Exploring the Changes to SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse:三维模型库搜索引擎改进
180208_RANDOM SCALE AND ROTATION of Objects in SketchUp with this Extension: 使用插件对 SketchUp 中的所有物体进行随机比例缩放、旋转
180207_TOP TIPS FOR MODELING IN SKETCHUP 2018: SketchUp 2018 顶级建模注意事项
180206_REPLACING THE SKY in Images Using Photoshop: 在 Photoshop 里替换天空背景
180205_4 PLACES TO GET TREES for your SketchUp Models: 4种种树的方法
180202_EASY ROOM LAYOUTS in SketchUp – Part 1 – Layout Diagrams – SketchUp Interior Design Tutorial: SketchUp室内设计教学 – 简单室内布局
180201_COMPLEX ROOFS IN SKETCHUP with Roof by TIG – SketchUp Extension of the Week 51: TIG 屋顶生成插件教学

180131_THE MOST EXCITING SKETCHUP EXTENSIONS in 2018 紫天中文解说: 2018年最令人期待的八款插件
180130_Photoshop LAYERS AND MASKS Tutorial for Beginners _ Photoshop for Architecture Tutorial 1: Photoshop建筑设计教学1 – 图层和蒙版初学者教学
180129_Style Renderings in SketchUp WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP using SketchFX! [Dual Style Tutorial]: 使用 SketchFX 渲染风格化作品
180126_Creating Elevations in Layout from Your SketchUp Model: 通过 SketchUp 模型在 LayOut 中创建立面图
180125_PARAMETRIC MODELING IN SKETCHUP with Viz Pro – Extension of the Week 50 紫天中文解说: 使用 Viz Pro 在 SketchUp 中进行参数化建模
180124_5 MOST IMPORTANT TIPS for Modeling for Layout in SketchUp: 从 SketchUp 到 LayOut 的5个要点
180123_BEST TIPS for Modeling with FFD in SketchUp 紫天中文讲解: FFD 插件建模的注意事项
180122_REAL TIME RENDERING IN SKETCHUP with Shapespark 紫天中文解说: 使用 Shapespark 在 SketchUp 中进行即时渲染
180119_How to Change the Units of Measure in SketchUp! Feet to Inches, Setting Precision, and More!:在 SketchUp 中如何改变尺寸单位,英尺到英寸、精度设置及其它
180118_UV Mapping Textures in SketchUp with Wrap-R! SketchUp Extension of the Week 49: 使用 SketchUp 和 Wrap-R 调整材质贴图
180117_Changing Wood Grain Material Directions in SketchUp – SketchUp Tips for Woodworkers: 如何在 SketchUp 中改变木材贴图方向 – SketchUp 木工使用窍门儿
180116_Modeling a DNA Helix in SketchUp with Curviloft and Helix Along Curve: 使用 Curviloft 和 Helix 插件创建 DNA 模型
180115_Modeling Complex Structures in SketchUp with Extrude Tools and Flowify!: 使用 Extrude Tools 和 Flowify 创建异型结构
180112_Creating Models from Multiple Photos in Photomatch in SketchUp: 使用多张照片建模
180111_Create detailed flooring in SketchUp FAST with Floor Generator! Extension of the Week 48: 使用 Floor Generator 插件快速创建地板细节
180110_Modeling a Highway in SketchUp with Profile Builder!: 利用 Profile Builder 插件创建一段高速公路
180109_3D MODELING WITH A DRONE! Using Drone Footage with Photo Match in SketchUp: 利用无人机创建三维模型
180108_MORE STRUCTURE MODELING! 7 Ways to Create Structures in SketchUp with Extrude Tools: 使用 Extrude Tools 创建更多异型结构
180105_SKETCHUP SKYSCRAPER! Modeling a Glass Lattice Skyscraper with Lattice Maker 紫天中文解说: 利用 Lattice Maker 插件创建纽约光环大厦
180104_AMAZING Extrusions in SketchUp with Extrude Tools – ALL TOOLS EXPLAINED! – Extension of the Week 47: Extrude Tools 插件全功能讲解
180103_Modeling a Voronoi Bridge in SketchUp紫天中文解说: 20分钟学会创建 Voronoi 表皮
180102_INCEPTION IN SKETCHUP Modeling a Bent City with Placemaker and FredoScale!紫天中文解说视频:8分钟教你制作盗梦空间翻卷城市效果

171228_Create CRAZY SHAPES with FFD and Joint Push Pull for SketchUp!!! (RENDERED IN ENSCAPE!): 用 FFD 和联合推拉插件创建异型体并用 Enscape 渲染
171222_Rendering a City with Enscape and Placemaker – SketchUp Extension Tutorials: 利用 Enscape 和 Placemaker 制作城市渲染
171221_Slice Your Models with Zorro2 for SketchUp – SketchUp Extension of the Week 46: 利用 Zorro2 切割模型
171220_Bending Shapes along Faces with Flowify for SketchUp – Examples: 使用 Flowify(曲面流动) 制作曲面表皮
171219_Interior Elevations in Layout from Your SketchUp Model – Interior Design Modeling for Layout 7: 从 SketchUp 模型到 LayOut 制作室内立面图 – LayOut 室内设计教学7
171218_Modeling an Organic Bench with Slicer and Curviloft in SketchUp: 使用 Slicer 和 Curviloft 制作异型长椅
171217_Selecting a Drone for 3D Modeling, Unboxing, and First Flight with the DJI Mavic Pro: 为三维建模选择无人机以及大疆 Mavic Pro 首飞
171214_Creating Terrain in SketchUp from Contours with Toposhaper – SketchUp Extension of the Week 45: 利用 Toposhaper 从等高线创建三维地形
171213_Placemaker for SketchUp Version 2 New Features: PlaceMaker for SketchUp 2 新增功能
171212_Modeling Sliced Terrain from Location Data in SketchUp with Joint Push Pull and Slicer: 利用联合推拉和切割插件将地理位置地形做成台地地形
171211_SketchUp Hatching, Lineweights, Line Styles, and More with 2D Tools – Extension of the Week 44: 使用 2D Tools 在 SketchUp 里制作填充、线宽、线型等
171208_Smart Models in SketchUp with PlusSpec – The BIM Extension – Sketchup Plugin of the Week 43: 利用 SketchUp 的 BIM 扩展程序 PlusSpec 创建智能模型
171206_Creating Buildings in SketchUp with Profile Builder – Automatically Create Structure and Skin!: 利用 Profile Builder 插件自动创建建筑结构和外表皮
171205_Creating a Door Schedule in SketchUp 2018 and Layout! – Interior Design Modeling for Layout 6: 使用 SketchUp 2018 及 LayOut 创建门窗表 – LayOut 室内设计教学6
171204_Modeling a Curving Truss Frame Structure in SketchUp with Curviloft: 利用 Curviloft 创建曲面网架
171201_Real Time Rendering in SketchUp with Enscape – Photorealistic Video and More!: 使用 Enscape 即时渲染器制作照片级渲染图和视频

171130_Modeling in SketchUp with Artisan and Profile Builder: 使用 Artisan 和 Profile 建模教学
171129_Move Plugins and Extensions from SketchUp 2017 to SketchUp 2018 – THE EASY WAY TO REINSTALL PLUGINS: 如何把 SketchUp 2017 的插件快速安装到 SketchUp 2018
171128_How to Re-Scale Your Model in SketchUp – Using the Tape Measure Tool to Adjust Scale: 如何使用卷尺工具调节 SketchUp 模型的缩放比例
171127_Quickly Modeling a City in SketchUp on Hilly Terrain with Placemaker! : 利用 Placemaker 创建山地城市
171122_Photorealistic Renderings from Your SketchUp Models with Twilight Render – Plugin of the Week 42: 使用 Twilight 照片级渲染器
171121_Modeling with Voronoi Patterns in SketchUp With Shape Bender and Radial Bend: 如何结合 Shape Bender 和 Radial Bend 插件制作 Voronoi 表皮
171120_Creating a Floor Plan in Layout with SketchUp 2018’s New Tools – Apartment for Layout Part 5!: 如何使用SketchUp 2018的新工具在LayOut中创建室内平面图
171117_Using SketchUp 2018’s New Attributes to Generate Door Schedules, Cost Reports, Quantities, and More!: 如何使用SketchUp 2018的新属性工具创建门窗表、算量及造价报告等
171110_Creating Our First Floor Plan in Layout – SketchUp Apartment Interior Design Modeling 4: 公寓室内设计建模4-在 LayOut 中创建首层平面
171108_Modeling Building Skin Over Structure in SketchUp with Joint Push Pull and Curviloft: 使用联合推拉和 Curviloft 插件制作建筑结构表皮
171107_Creating a Moving Construction Jobsite Animation in SketchUp with Animator – Extension Tutorial:使用 Animator 制作施工现场物体运动动画
171103_JHS Powerbar – 35 Tools for SketchUp – All Explained! SketchUp Plugin of the Week 40: JHS Powerbar-35 个工具集功能使用详解
171101_Modeling Framing in Your SketchUp Models with House Builder and 1001Bit Tools: 使用 House Builder 和 1001Bit Tools 建筑木结构建模

171031_SketchUp Interior Design for Layout Part 3 – Adding Furniture:为 LayOut 做准备的 SketchUp 室内建模方法第三部分-添加家具
171027_Creating Animations in Your SketchUp Model with Animator – Step by Step Extension Tutorial: 手把手教学-如何使用 Animator 在 SketchUp 里创建动画
171026_Model Trusses Quickly and Accurately with Medeek Truss – SketchUp Extension of the Week 39: 使用 Medeek Truss 插件快速创建桁架
171025_Advanced Selection Tips and Modeling in SketchUp – SketchUp Quick Tips: SketchUp 建模中选择物体的高级技巧
171024_Showing Interior Design Options in Your SketchUp Model – The SketchUp Essentials 58: SketchUp室内建模设计要领
171023_SketchUp Interior Design for Layout Part 2 – Doors and Windows: 为 LayOut 做准备的 SketchUp 室内建模方法第二部分-门窗建模
171020_Bending Objects Along Complex Faces with Flowify for SketchUp – SketchUp Extension Tutorials: 使用 Flowify (曲面流动)来制作物体的变形
171019_Real Animations in Your SketchUp Model with Animator – SketchUp Plugin of the Week 38:在 SketchUp 里创建位移动画, Animator 插件介绍
171018_SketchUp Interior Design for Layout 1 – Walls from a Floor Plan Image:为 LayOut 做准备的 SketchUp 室内建模方法第二部分-通过平面图制作墙
171017_9 Ways to Create Presentations from Your SketchUp Models – The SketchUp Essentials 57:九种方法利用你的 SketchUp 模型创建演示文稿
171016_Modeling Interiors in SketchUp – Laundry Room Part 3 – Materials and Background: SketchUp 室内全模设计之洗衣房第三部分-材质和背景
171013_Creating Glass Lattices in SketchUp – SketchUp Extension Tutorials: 利用插件创建玻璃分隔
171012_Quick Construction Drawings from Your SketchUp Model with Condoc Tools – Plugin of the Week 37: 使用 Condoc Tools 快速创建施工图纸
171011_Creating Custom Wall Art for Your Models in SketchUp – SketchUp Quick Tips: 创建一面自己的艺术挂画
171010_Modeling Interiors in SketchUp – Laundry Room Part 2 – Appliances, Windows, Crown Molding and More!: Materials and Background: SketchUp 室内全模设计之洗衣房第二部分-橱柜、水槽、电器、窗户等部分建模
171009_Modeling Interiors in SketchUp Part 1 – Laundry Room Model:SketchUp 室内全模设计之洗衣房第一部分-橱柜部分建模
171006_Creating Organic Models with Curviloft Step by Step – SketchUp Plugin Tutorials:手把手教学如何使用 Curviloft 插件创建复杂模型
171005_Layering Style Effects in SketchFX – SketchUp Plugin of the Week 36: SketchUp 特效插件 SketchFX 介绍
171003_Top 10 Tips for Interior Design Modeling in SketchUp: 给 SketchUp 室内建模的10个提示

170929_Modeling a Blanket Chest Step by Step in SketchUp: 一步步教你制作一个储物柜
170928_SketchUp Tips for Woodworkers – Saving Scenes and Visibilities and Creating Animations in SketchUp: 给家具设计师的提示-如何给 SketchUp 创建动画场景和对象可见性
170927_Creating a Cutting Layout in SketchUp for Woodworkers – The SketchUp Essentials: 给家具设计师的教程-如何制作材料排版
170926_Printing Your SketchUp Models, Creating Elevations, and More – The SketchUp Essentials 56: 用另一种不同方式打印您的SketchUp模型,如何为您的模型添加尺寸,创建高度及更多!
170925_Modeling a Chair with Match Photo in SketchUp: 通过照片匹配的方式创建一把座椅
170922_Modeling a Bent Pattern from an Image in SketchUp – SketchUp Quick Modeling Tutorials: 如何创建弯曲的图案纹理
170921_Modeling with the Weld Extension in SketchUp – SketchUp Extension Tutorials: 利用Weld插件进行建模
170920_Working with Textures in SketchUp for Woodworking – The SketchUp Essentials 55: 给家具设计师的教程-如何更好地使用材质
170919_SketchUp Woodworking Tutorial for Beginners Part 2 – Copies, Organization, and Curves: 给家具设计师初学者的教程第二部分-复制、组织模型和曲线
170918_Modeling Options with Components for Woodworkers in SketchUp: 给家具设计师的教学-如何更好地利用组件
170914_Bevel and Round Corners in SketchUp with Roundcorner – SketchUp Extension Tutorials: 使用 Roundcorner 插件制作倒边和圆角
170913_Creating an Exploded Model View in SketchUp – SketchUp Quick Tips: 在SketchUp里制作家具的爆炸视图
170912_SketchUp Woodworking Tutorial for Beginners – Part 1 给家具设计师初学者的教程第一部分
170911_Creating and Organizing a Bookcase Model in SketchUp – Tutorials for Woodworkers: 给家具设计师初学者的教程-创建和组织一个书架模型
170908_Modeling Wood Molding and Trim in SketchUp with the Follow Me Tool – The SketchUp Essentials 52: 利用路径跟随工具制作家具模型
170907_Modeling a Covered Bridge From a Reference Image – Part 2 – Structure and Fence: 如何通过参考照片创建一座廊桥的模型
170906_Creating Hatching in Layout from your SketchUp Model – The SketchUp Essentials 51: 如何从你的 SketchUp 模型创建 LayOut 填充




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